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Blast from the Past

I was very surprised to come across an ancient piece of work–a poster I did in 1967 for a rock show–for sale on the internet. I can’t believe any of these are still in existence. Maybe I should try buying one!

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Website updates

I’ve posted some work I’ve done as an illustrator, mostly from the time I worked with GDL (Graphic Design Limited) in Edmonton, but some much more recent. Also, a few of the watercolours I did for a show in Victoria some years ago. They were the beginning of my interest in urban landscape.

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Mayworks Festival of Arts & Labour, coming up May 2011 in Courtenay BC. Artist Bonnie Laird and myself have been invited to present a two person show on the theme of Work. Opening May 6, Tintown studios, Courtenay BC.

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