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Art Alchemy–worth a visit!

Studio/gallery cooperative Art Alchemy has opened up in Courtenay. (See my link above, “Stories” for more details.)

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New painting for spring show

This one is for the upcoming solo show, “New Altars for Old Gods,” at the Artemis Gallery in Deep Cove Vancouver, May 2012. Here’s one of the oldest gods, the Horned God; this deals with the commercial debasement of the old holy festivals.

Untitled. 2 ft x 2ft.

Untitled. 2 ft x 2ft.

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Ross Galleria

A few of my alley paintings are now at the the Ross Galleria in Tintown, Courtenay. (see the link “Stories,” above, for more on Gordon Ross’s gallery.)

Inner Passage

Inner Passage

East 1st

East 1st

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“Small Wonders” opening

The “Small Wonders” opening looked great. Six different artists blended their different styles to come up with a cohesive and very pleasing show. It was well-attended, work was sold, and I was glad to be part of it.

For a complete gallery of opening night images, visit HERE.

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Painting Demo Richmond

Looking forward to doing a painting demo Wednesday eve for the Richmond Art Group, showing how different grounds affect the final outcome. I’ll probably be the one to learn something!

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“Small Wonders” Official Invite

Here’s the invitation for the Small Wonders show, naming all the other artists.
For a quick look at what I’m showing, please go to my link, Current Show.
And don’t forget to check out some new items on my other pages—assorted art info (Links), and a mini-feature on artist Dave Barnes (Vignettes).

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