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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get to Red Art Gallery in Victoria! These two wandering roosters will be among the new pieces I’ll be showing through September. “Another Road, Another Chicken (U.S.)” and “Another Road, Another Chicken (Canada)”, each 16″ x 16.” (click to enlarge.)

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Last Chance Texaco

I’ve wanted to paint this for a long time, and knew it had to have the lonely Texaco station at one end, the horses at the other. This summer in Vancouver, I spotted a pristine, shiny red El Camino parked outside the Abruzzo cafe. I knew right away this was the missing piece that links the two ends…the urgency of the car that has to get there before nightfall, and the indifferent stoicism of the wild horses, calm and fixed in their place. This is 15″ x 60″, acrylic. (click to enlarge, click again to enlarge further.)

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Coming soon…First Thursday at Red Gallery

Red Gallery in Victoria’s lovely Oak Bay Village participates in the art community’s First Thursday art walks. I’m happy to be one of the three featured artists in September, along with Lucy Schappy (paintings) and Michael Robb (sculpture). The September opening event takes place Thursday, Sept 4, from 6 - 8 pm.  I’ll be showing several new paintings, hope to see you there!

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