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Painting on the Edge 2015

Happy to say that my painting “Gastown Princess” has been accepted into the 13th annual open juried show “Painting on the Edge” at the Federation Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver BC. Opening gala and awards night on Thursday, August 20th. This will be my 4th time in Painting on the Edge.

I spotted this young woman in front of the Woodward’s Center. I was struck not only by her particular style sense, but by her absolute grace. As she checked her cellphone, she stood in classic “contraposto” style, leaning heavily on one hip, reminiscent of Renaissance figures. The contrast between the classical pose and her contemporary fashion get-up was irresistible, especially as the storefront across the street shouted out the word “style.” 48″ x 24″. $1450.

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“Gas, Food & Lodging”

All are invited to join Red Tree Specialty Coffee and Comox Valley Arts for a reception from 5-8pm - 2456 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay (Tintown).

“Gas, Food, and Lodging”

Many of these paintings are inspired by my fondness for road trips, vintage signage, and rootsy old Americana. I love places and things that are old, well­used, and marked with the imprint and textures of human use and occupation. They give me a feeling of comfort and familiarity.
Add to this, my love of coffee, whether served in a boutique espresso bar or a funky all­night dive.
My fondness for signage and logos may come from a past life in graphic design, which I’ve given up in favour of painting, while some of the tongue­in-cheekiness is a holdover from cartooning, illustration, and an enjoyment of ‘lowbrow’ art.

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Gallery 1: Paintings

Gallery 2: Illustrations