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Orange is a colour I absolutely love, and I use it a lot. I find it works really well with some cool blue-greens, often spiced up with hot coral or fuchsia.

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Working Small

Lately I’ve been enjoying working small. It gives me a chance to focus on something that might be just a detail in a larger piece. Here’s two little ‘brick wall’ pieces, inspired by locations in Vancouver, but without the need to paint the entire building or street. These are both 12″ x 12″.

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Three November Shows

Some good opportunities to view local artworks this month. First, the fabulously packed “Salon Show” at Red Tree Coffee 2456 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay (Tintown), running through November-December. Floor to ceiling paintings, nearly 100 paintings by over two dozen local artists will keep your eyes busy wandering over the walls! Two of my six pieces are Shine and Meet Me In Seattle.

Wayne McKenzie Goldsmith (105-1995 Cliffe Ave.) enhances his gorgeous jewellery displays with rotating artist shows. Several of my pieces will be there through to December 18th. Work includes Cumberland Sky and Departure (a departure for me, as I am exploring more non-representational ideas.)

Finally, the 5th Annual Square Foot Show at Art Alchemy Studio Gallery, weekend of Nov. 27th. All paintings 12″ square, all paintings $200. A great opportunity to own original art by the working local artists. This show always sells fast, so get in early for the best selection. Here are some of the pieces I will be including.

If this seems like a grab-bag of styles, it is–and that’s the beauty of the Square Foot shows. It gives artists an opportunity to experiment with different ideas and methods on a small, yet finished, scale.

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