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Project Watershed and “The Long Road to Comox”

“The Long Road To Comox,” a painting done for my show “Riverway” at the CVAG in 2014, has been selected by Project Watershed as its central campaign image for the rehabilitation of the old industrial site by the 17th St. bridge in Courtenay. It’s an unlovely scene in the heart of our city, but signifies the first steps in the long road towards restoration of what was once a beautiful natural area. I’m honoured to have it represent the process.

The Long Road to Comox 48″ x 72″ acrylic/canvas

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Craig’s Bookshop

Continuing with the theme of local interiors, this is one of my favourite spots in Courtenay, Second Pages, the used book shop run by Craig Carson. Always cozy, colourful, conversational, and comes with kitty cat. The painting is now hanging in the bookshop.

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