“Gas, Food & Lodging”

July 13th, 2015

All are invited to join Red Tree Specialty Coffee and Comox Valley Arts for a reception from 5-8pm - 2456 Rosewall Crescent, Courtenay (Tintown).

“Gas, Food, and Lodging”

Many of these paintings are inspired by my fondness for road trips, vintage signage, and rootsy old Americana. I love places and things that are old, well­used, and marked with the imprint and textures of human use and occupation. They give me a feeling of comfort and familiarity.
Add to this, my love of coffee, whether served in a boutique espresso bar or a funky all­night dive.
My fondness for signage and logos may come from a past life in graphic design, which I’ve given up in favour of painting, while some of the tongue­in-cheekiness is a holdover from cartooning, illustration, and an enjoyment of ‘lowbrow’ art.

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Gallery 2: Illustrations