Homage to Skinny Fat Jack

April 7th, 2012

This painting is an allegory of the spirit of Calgary, as well as an homage to ‘Skinny Fat Jack’ Davis, my friend Darcy Davis’s father. Jack Davis, 1936 - 2004, epitomized the energy of the growing, confident city. Jack worked a straight job for the city, but also ran his own speakeasy, managed a casino, worked as a carney, and got into the antique business. His son describes him as a charmer, stampeder, bootlegger, bellylaugher, collector, father, husband, valentino; a gregarious, proud son of Calgary. I trust this painting captures some of those qualities. It will be shown at the Artemis Gallery in North Vancouver, April 27 - May 27.

“Allegory of Calgary: Homage to Skinny Fat Jack”
Acrylic/canvas 36″ x 48″

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