Statement & Bio


After taking Fine Arts at the U of A Edmonton, I was discouraged enough to quit painting completely. The going trends in the late 60’s were conceptual art, performance, happenings, pop art, and just about anything except painting as painting. I turned to illustration, happily creating drawings for books, brochures, and other materials, spending several years working at GDL, a commercial design firm in Edmonton. That’s where I learned to put theory into practice. Eventually, though, I was drawn back to the richness of paint.  I joined the FCA, brushed up on rusty skills, and started showing. Inspired by urban life, I left Alberta to live in an east side studio in Vancouver, where I could paint to my heart’s content. The companionship of other artists and the wonderful urban landscape inspired productivity and progress.

My work generally developed along three main paths:

-VIsually, my artistic concern is the configuration of space by urban structures: the angular intersections of buildings, the endless perspectives of walls, wires, and streets; the way the power lines break up the natural order of sky; the relationship of the human figure to its surroundings. the rich textures, colours, and shapes of things weathered and imprinted by time and human occupation

-Metaphorically, the massive hydro structures of the city suggest ideas about balance of power: the man-made vs. the natural, the powerful vs. the powerless. Vulnerable humans, dwarfed by mighty urban structures. The intimidating energy of the city itself–the industrial sites, the humming highrises, the hydro lines and electrical transformers. Yet, the materialization of power overlays an older, more primeval elemental power. The natural elements are constant reminders of what is beyond our control and awareness, even as they lay under our feet and in the air around us. It’s interesting to inject a little pantheism into a city scene.

-Emotionally, there is also the suggestion of the unease of city life, a sort of snakes and ladders game of risk and opportunity. There is the worry about affordability: so many anxious conversations about being able to stay, or having to leave.  Often a dream of escape to nature, yet with the sadness of leaving a beloved city. People have clearly inhabited the spaces. You can see it in the small-scale intimacy of a beckoning doorway, side street, or hidden courtyard: an empty chair can suggest a hundred stories; a fire escape provides an exit.

Frequent visits to the southwest have also motivated a more playful second stream of imagery, incorporating funky Americana and vintage signage. The common thread is an affinity for the character, texture, and emotional feel of old things and places, the memory of who and what has gone just before.

I work in acrylic on canvas, and would call myself a contemporary realist.

Solo Exhibitions

2018:  (Upcoming, June 2018) Deer Lake Gallery, Burnaby BC
2017: “Downtown” TOSH Arts Centre, Qualicum BC
2014: “Riverway” Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay BC
2012: “Vancouver Years” Art Alchemy, Courtenay BC
2012: “New Altars for Old Gods” Artemis Gallery, Deep Cove, North Vancouver BC.
2011: “The Art of Work,” Gordon Ross Gallery, Courtenay BC (2 artist show)
2010: “Beautiful Alleys,” Havana Gallery, Vancouver BC
2010: “Electric Gargoyles,” The Whip, Vancouver BC
2009 “Doors, Walls and Windows,” The Old Schoolhouse Gallery, Qualicum Beach BC
2009: “Bricks & Boards,” The Flower Factory, Vancouver BC
2008: “Back Street Bebop,” Squamish Library Gallery, Squamish BC
2008: “Balance of Power”, Gallery Gachet, Vancouver BC
2008: “Around the Back.” Gibson’s Public Art Gallery, Gibsons BC.
2007: “ReConnection.” With fabric artist Judy Villett; Vancouver East Cultural Centre,
2007: “City Blocks,” Britannia Art Centre, Vancouver BC

Group Exhibitions
2017 Canada 150, TOSH Arts Centre, Qualicum
2017 Image to Text to Image, Comox Valley Art Gallery
2016 Square Foot Show, Art Alchemy, Courtenay BC
2015: Painting on the Edge, Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2014: Painting on the Edge, Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2014: Featured artist, Red Art Gallery, Victoria BC
2013 “A Responsive Landscape” Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver BC
2013 “Sooke Fine Arts Show” Sooke, BC
2013 “Square Foot Show” Art Alchemy, Courtenay BC
2013 “Water” Art Alchemy, Courtenay BC
2013 “The Threes Show” Red Gallery, Victoria BC
2012 “Transformation” Corre Alice Gallery, Cumberland BC
2011: “Small Wonders” Artemis Gallery, Deep Cove BC
2011: “Group of Four” Private home. Vancouver BC
2010: “Group of Four” Private home. Vancouver BC
2010: “What we do to Thee” Gam Gallery, Vancouver BC
2009: “Mayworks,” Oceanside Gallery, Parksville BC
2008: “Chapel Arts” Chapel Arts, Vancouver BC
2008: “Mayworks,” Oceanside Gallery, Parksville BC
2008: “Artists’ Choice,” FCA Bienniale, Courthouse Arts Centre, Kamloops BC
2007: “Earth,” Arc Gallery, Vancouver BC
2007: “Response,” Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON
2007: “Uncommon Origins,” ARC Gallery, Vancouver BC
2007: “Mayworks,” Oceanside Gallery, Parksville BC
2005: “Colours from the Light,” Artspace Gallery, Calgary AB
2005: “Art Fusion,” FCA Bienniale, Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary AB
2005 “Urban Landscapes,” Federation Gallery, Vancouver
2004: “Painting on the Edge,” Federation Gallery, Vancouver
2004: “Wooden Quilts”, Leighton Centre, Calgary AB
2004: Small Paintings Exhibition, Gallery 321, Nanaimo
2003 “Animals” Show, Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2003: “Painting on the Edge”, Federation Gallery, Vancouver
2002 through Oct 2005: FCA Calgary Chapter shows, 3 per year.
Awards: First Prize, Best of Show, Canada 150, TOSH Arts Centre, Qualicum 2017
Artist Talks: “Studio process” Elder College, 2017, North Island College, Courtenay.
“Creative Development” 2012, Comox Valley Art Gallery
“Using grounds in acrylic painting” 2011, Richmond Artist Guild, Richmond
“Creative Process” 2008, Gibsons Art Gallery, Gibsons
“Developing Trajectory” 2007, Britannia Art Gallery, Vancouver
Curation: The Basement Show, Elevate the Arts, Courtenay BC 2017