Martha Jablonski-Jones
Paintings / Collage


Coming up this February 28th, opening reception Saturday March 2.

"If a Tree Falls" at Artful the Gallery, Courtenay


"North of Lillooet, 24" x 34," $1200.

This work consists of a base painting created by myself, acrylic on canvas,
superimposed with quilted fibre elements by textile artist Judy Villett (New Westminster).
It illustrates the erratic patterns typical of the astounding scale of tree removal in our province, viewed from above via Google.

One may be struck by the quilt-like impression formed
by the dismaying bald spots versus the green forest, a juxtaposition of repulsion and beauty.
I suspect we humans are somehow programmed to seek out beauty, even when deprived of its more typical forms,
and when pressed, will find it even in the most discouraging situations.
It's a mixed message; I leave it to the viewer to sort it out. 



Artful the Gallery open Wednesday thru Saturday 12 to 5pm 526C Cumberland Road Courtenay